Welcome to Virtual EMS 

Please read the following before you continue on with your request.

To be eligible to request facilities online you must first create a "User Account".  Under the tab, "My Account/Create an Account," fill out the appropriate information for the User Info.  This request will come to the Facilities/Events Office with a pending status.  Once you have been approved, you will then become active to start requesting facilities through the online process.  (Please allow up to 2 days for the approval process).  After being approved as an “active” user you may return to the website, “My Account”, “Log In” and start the requesting process.  Once you have been approved, for all future “Log In”, your “User ID” is your email address.  If you forget your password and cannot gain access to the system; please contact the Facilities/Events Office (575-6020) and we will reset your password.

Once you begin requesting facilities through this online process, please be aware that the request you make is pending until your "Status" is "Confirmed".   Once you have finished your request, please immediately check the status.  If "Confirmed" your request has been approved and booked.  If the status is "Web Request" please allow 7 days for processing.  You will receive a final confirmation by email.  You can check the status of this request by going into your account in Virtual EMS.

 If you have questions associated with your request or 7 days has passed without receiving your final confirmation, please call the Facilities/Events Office at 575-6020.

Cancellations and changes can be made to your requests through Virtual EMS up to 3 days prior to your event date.  If under the 3 day time, cancellations and changes must be made directly through the Facilities/Events Office.